Brother Beyond

First coming to prominence by joining the boyband Brother Beyond as their lead singer, in 1987 (when the band and their record label won an auction to record a track with the successful 1980s record producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman),

BROTHER BEYOND had a very successful period between 1987 – 1991 there two biggest hits

Being ‘THE HARDER I TRY’ which reached NO 2 in 1988 and stayed on the charts for 14 weeks. This was followed by ‘ HE AIN’T NO COMPETITION’ which reached NO 6 in the same year and stayed in the charts for 10 weeks.

There hit album ‘ GET EVEN’ REACHED NO 9 in the Album charts in the same year and syayed in the charts for 23 weeks.

NATHAN MOORE still fronts the current line up of BROTHER BEYOND 5 piece in total and performs in their set the two biggest hits plus an entertaining repertoire of covers so that their show appeals to audiences of all generations.

Some of the songs performed include
Everlasting Love - Love Affair / Worlds Apart
Uptown Funk - Bruno Mars
Aint No Stopping Us Now - Mcfadden & Whitehead
Im Your Man - Wham
Living On A Prayer - Bon Jovi
Kool & Gang - Get Down On it/ Celebrate
Disco Inferno - Tramps
Ive Got A Feeling - Black Eyed Pea's
Sex On Fire - Kings Of Leon
Oops Upside Your head - Gap band






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