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'Performance Interpreting are honoured to be part of Chilfest 2016, and commend Chilfest for being inclusive and Deaf friendly'.
Performance Interpreting provides British Sign Language Interpreters to music and entertainment venues across the UK. We aim to provide quality access to the Deaf Community and are led by community demand.  

We provide skilled registered Interpreters for a variety of events: music venues, festivals, concerts, live gigs, opera, comedy, cabaret, dance, poetry, parades, public events, ceremonies, celebrations, exhibitions, social events and the arts.

Performance Interpreting is creative, reflective and dynamic…Liberating the audience to feel completely in the moment, capturing the very essence of the experience. A true reflection of music and language expressed with soul, passion and understanding. An Artiste’s gift is to entertain us with their talent, to stimulate our senses. Performance Interpreting allows Deaf Sign Language Users to come together with family and friends to share in the magic.

Chilfest 2015 - BSL Audience Member  Samantha Penny… ‘It was amazing. First time ever I have had access to music & I was able to sing along. Thank u all’ 

Chilfest 2015 - BSL Audience Member  Jackie Thompson.… ‘Had a grand time and thanking everyone who joined me at Chilfest…the Interpreters were fab all the way through with great flow, passion and moves.  Hand clap to them’.

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